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Welcome to our terms and conditions of all our rentals.

This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read them and other terms referenced in this document carefully. Each guest must affirm via electronically or verbally agreement to these terms and conditions and becomes legal binding at the point the reservation is secured by payment. Booking through a 3rd party does not waive SkyRun’s rights under these terms and  conditions.

SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine Terms & Conditions

Note that the cancellation policy can vary by property and based on length of stay. Check the cancellation policy on the property you are booking. Our default cancellation policy is included below.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Welcome to SkyRun of St. Augustines Terms and Conditions for SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine. This is important and affects your legal rights and obligations, so please read this document carefully. Each guest must affirm electronically to these Rental Terms and Conditions which becomes legally binding at the point the reservation is secured by payment. Booking through a third party does not waive SkyRun Vacation Rentals St. Augustines rights under these Rental Terms and Conditions.

By submitting this reservation, you are agreeing to the following Rental Terms and Conditions:

Long Term Reservations of 14+ days: Reservations of 14+ days may be subject to additional fees. These fees can only be added after the initial reservation is made. These long-term "mid-stay" fees are listed on the SkyRun web-site property listing and may include trash, hot tub, and/or mid-stay cleaning services. You will be contacted directly by SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine for payment of these fees in order for your reservation to be valid.

Reservations longer than 180 days may require a separate addendum contract to be signed. This addendum will include any additional cancellation and refund policies that specifically apply to reservations longer than 180 days.

Payment Policy: A 50% deposit payable by credit card is due upon booking by Guest. The remaining balance is due from Guest 30 days prior to the day of arrival and will be automatically charged to the card on file to SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine. If you fail to make the remaining balance, all monies received by SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine will be forfeited by you.

If your reservation is for occupancy 60 days or less prior to the day of arrival, you agree to pay 100% of the rental amount at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy will be unique to the property you book. Please refer to the property's listing on our website to view its cancellation policy. Illness, hospitalization, death, COVID, cancellation of flights, etc. are not reasons for cancellation with refund. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Weather and Cancellations: SkyRun will not refund you for any weather-related issues including but not limited to poor conditions. Hurricanes in Florida can happen during hurricane season. Be prepared with adequate supplies based on your rental location. In some instances, due to an impending hurricane, you may need to evacuate. We cannot control the weather. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Check-in/Check-out Times: Check-in time: 4:00 pm. Strict Check-out time: 10:00 am unless other arrangements with SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine have been made 24 hours prior to departure date and time. Thank you for courteous adherence to this schedule. If you do not respect these times, you will be charged an extra full day rent for non-compliance.

Expected behavior of our Guests: We know you want to enjoy the feel and convenience of living in one of our beautiful St. Augustine homes and neighborhoods. However, remember, you are living among other peoples and neighbors. You may be staying next door to a family who lives and works in our charming city year-round. Thanks in advance for being a good neighbor and thinking twice about being loud outside, outside activities and/or loud music after the quiet time posted in your vacation rental and listed on each individual property listing.

Age Restrictions: You must be at least 25 years old to rent a property from SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine. To be sure we are fair with our property owners, a SkyRun Team Member may request verification of this minimum age requirement which will be required, if asked, prior to taking occupancy. If such request is not honored, you will be refused access to the property.

Occupancy Restrictions: MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY of any SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine property is equal to the number of people that is advertised on the SkyRun of St. Augustine website. As our Guest, you need to be aware that the Town of St. Augustine has strict rules and regulations regarding occupancy for vacation rental properties. These rules and regulations are enforced by the local authorities. We, at SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine, abide by these rules and regulations as a professional rental property management company and believe it is the best policy to make our Guests aware of such requirements prior to making any reservation.

Parking Regulations: The maximum number of vehicles allowed to be parked at the property is posted on the SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine web site. It is expected that our guests will abide by these parking requirements.

Outside Activity Limitations: As noted previously, our SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine properties are in residential neighborhoods. As in any neighborhood, it is expected that outside activities are limited to the property boundaries. To make it easier to determine these limitations, a map of the property boundaries will be posted inside the property in a visible location.

Use of Specific Property Booked: You have booked a specific property. However, on extremely rare occasions, the specific property you booked may not be available due to circumstances beyond our control such as maintenance problems with the property, or a change of ownership or management of the property since you booked. In the event the property you booked is not available, SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine will attempt to place you in a similar or better property for any inconvenience you may incur.

If the replacement property offered is not acceptable to you for any reason, SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine will cancel your reservation and refund your total amount paid. SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine does not guarantee that a suitable property can be found. If the property you have rented is unable to be occupied during your stay (the Air Conditioning unit breaks, for example), SkyRun Vacation Rentals will make our best effort to find you a similar or better place to move to and if unable to do so, refund the portion of your rent unused.

Housekeeping: The vacation property will be clean, including fresh linens and towels when you arrive. It will be cleaned after you leave. SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine units are SELF CATERING. During your stay, you are responsible for any cleaning including bagging and depositing the trash (trash bags are provided) in the designated receptacle. You are welcome to wash linens during your stay. If you want additional towels or linens, mid-stay cleans may be purchased for an additional cost. A mid-stay clean would provide fresh towels, linens, trash take-out and dishwasher loading, with light cleaning.

Authorized personnel designated by SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine may enter the premises if necessary for housekeeping or management of the property.

Prior to check-out, please make sure that you load and turn on the dishwasher, place wet linens in a bathtub or shower and ensure all trash is securely bagged and placed in the designated receptacle. Charges may apply to non-adherence to these instructions.

Lost Items: Any personal item left behind in the property after departure, will be held for 7 days then donated; unless SkyRun is otherwise informed, then said items will be returned to guest at guest expense.

Rules: No Pets unless otherwise designated. There is No Smoking inside the property premises including marijuana and/or vaping. You must follow the rules of the home you are in including noise, parking, and common area use. Failure to comply with any rule listed here means an automatic $1000 charge to your credit card for cleaning and/or non-compliance (including house party, see below).

Damage: Your rental includes a Damage Waiver for accidental damage including any missing or broken items reported prior to check-out. This damage to the rented property covers up to a maximum of $1,500 and will be covered at no further charge to you as long as the damage is reported in writing prior to your departure.

SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine must have a written report of this damage in order to process the claim. Photos are helpful. To provide this report, you may email or call Sky Run Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine to notify our team and arrange how the report can be provided in writing prior to check-out. Any damage we deem to be purposeful or negligent or damage not reported will be charged to your credit card. Please report any damage that you notice upon check-in to avoid getting charged for damage you didn't create.

Parties: NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. If there is a party on this property (as evidenced by a noise complaint and/or calling of security or by large amounts of trash and destruction) this rental agreement will be void, you will be asked to leave, and you will be charged for complete clean-up and replacement for damaged items. This will be AT A MINIMUM of $1,000. A party at our vacation properties completely voids the damage waiver. This policy is strictly enforced. If you intend to come and have a party, please rent somewhere else that can accommodate. SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine is serious about protecting our properties so they will be in perfect condition for our owners and responsible guests.

Warranties: Equipment - From time to time, equipment in the vacation properties (such as utilities, TV's, appliances, hot tubs, etc.) are out of service. In such a case, notify SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine immediately and we will do everything within our power to correct the situation, including making another property available for your use. However, this may not be possible and is not cause for a full or partial refund.

Limitation of Liability: SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustine assumes no liability for your stay in Florida or the activities that you take part in while here. The limit of SkyRun Vacation Rentals of St. Augustines liability is the total amount of compensation we have received for your property rental.


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